European Bulk Oil Traders Association

Welcome to EBOTA

The European Bulk Oil Traders' Association (EBOTA) was formally established in December 2011.

Its purpose is to engage, for and on behalf of its members, in issues impacting the bulk trading of oil liquids, petrochemicals, biofuels, LNG, LPG and other refined products, feedstocks and associated derivatives.  These activities can range from assessing the impact of new regulation and operational matters to engaging with regulators and policy makers.

EBOTA also provides subsidised training to Members on REACH, RED and ADN.  It also provides Members with a bank of SDS and Exposure Scenario documents prepared as part of its REACH helpdesk service.  In the future, EBOTA may look to expand such services into other areas, and may consider providing an arbitration service.

Upcoming Events

ADN Safety Committee, IWG Loading on Top: 24 April 2018 12am to 5pm

EBOTA REACH WG Call: 30 April 2018

ASDEM EU Barge Conference: 3 May 2018 

ADN Safety Committee deadline for submission of documents 1 June 2018

ADN Working Group call: 20 June 2018 1400 London time

RED Working Group call: 29 June 2018 1030 London time

UK Department for Transport, RED 2 Stakeholders' Meeting: 17 July 2018

ADN Safety Committee meeting (Geneva) 27-31 August 2018 

EBOTA AGM 2018: 22 November 2018 (provisional)